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Holistic Education through Bible Study   Micheline Kamba,Gerarld West and Patricia Bruce France

Holistic Education through Bible Study

280 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
The book is about how to develop a holistic educational programme through contextual Bible Study with PWDs in Africa, particularly in Kinshasa. Consequently, the socio-cultural concept of disability has influenced the biblical interpretation of disability making PWDs seem to be lesser “human beings”. Therefore, the use of three Biblical texts in using the Contextual Bible Study as main approach, is to finding the way in which how the Bible can be used as a resource to contribute to a holistic education for PWDs. In other words, from disability perspective, the emotional aspect is the core aspect of holistic education. This means, spiritual and psychological aspects are seen as foundation of holistic education in the sense that PWDs have been alienated in their minds by mainstream beliefs. As consequence, most feel cursed and unwanted by God and by their community. Therefore, in this book, the re-reading of the Bible brings transformation within the self and toward others.
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