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The role of English language in Education of middle level Student   Shrikrishna Mishra and Badri Yadav

The role of English language in Education of middle level Student

104 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Education plays important role in the development of human life. By education an individual can develop his or her abilities. Without education we cannot develop our skills. Education brings change in behavior of an individual. Education makes an individual civilized and good citizen of country. Education nurtures good qualities like morality, honesty and humanity. Illiterate people are like blind. They are animals without taking education. Education makes them human beings. In the present time English become a window to the rapid progress in all spheres of life. In this way English is the only language, which prevents our isolation from the world. In the absence of English the persons of one state will not be able to communicate with the persons of other state. Now we are very much aware about importance of English language. Now we are giving very much importance to English language.
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