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Intergenerational Women's Roles, Education and Work in Urban China   Luxiao Cheng

Intergenerational Women's Roles, Education and Work in Urban China

112 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Realizing that the increasing cross-generational diversities of the Chinese women’s role practices along with China’s economic reform and integration into the world economy are to a great extent worth to be explored and noticing the small scale of academic literature to this issue, the focus of this book, therefore, is to analyze the altering and continuous factors of urban female-role practices in the family, education and employment area amongst the middle-aged cohort of Chinese women and their younger cohort of competitors. To adopt a cross-generational perspective into the debate, the analysis of this book should help shed some light on understanding the role differences in the social behavior of Chinese women, involved gender differences in educational stratification and sustaining sex segregation in the Chinese urban labor market, and should also be useful to comprehend the new opportunities and dilemmas faced by the young career women in today’s urban China.
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