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Teaching the Gifted and Talented learners   Robert Stuart Oyesigye

Teaching the Gifted and Talented learners

108 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Gifted and talented learners need extra support from teachers so as to benefit from the learning situation. Many teachers however continued to advocate that they can be self supporting. This has left the Gifted & talented learners frustrated leaving some to drop out of school or become indisciplined. This book following a study on what teachers can do to support the Gifted and talented learners in the mainstream school in the United Kingdom shares with you on the methods and techniques of supporting the Gifted and talented learner.This boook is good for teachers of all levels/ grades, parents and caregivers for the tips will help you not to take your your child's actions for granted but to try to explore what the child actually meant by his actions or words Dont be surprised to explore your child's potentials andafter reading this book.
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