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Critical Issues in Kindergarten and Primary Education   Jayesimi Goke

Critical Issues in Kindergarten and Primary Education

140 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The early years are easily the most significant developmental era in the life of any individual. This is because the effect of what happens during these formative years of a child's life can last a lifetime. The development of a child during this period prepares the stage for later success in school and the character of adolescence and adulthood. For this reason,every child should have access to good stimulation early in life. This book addresses crucial issues that should be considered while giving chldren early education. Issues like access and equity, developmentally appropriate curricullum, pedagogy,learning environment, teacher quality, and partnerships should be given priority consideration while planning education for young children. The world today is no longer concerned alone about the quantity of education but also the quality dimension of it.
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