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A Study of Problem Solving Ability in Mathematics among IX Class Students   Y. Varaprasada Reddy and K. Swarnalatha

A Study of Problem Solving Ability in Mathematics among IX Class Students

80 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Mathematics is intimately involved in every moment of everyone’s life. Right from human existence on this earth it has been a faithful companion. There is a definite need of Mathematics in anybody’s life-long planning and day-to-day planning. A human being is always after profitable and increasing returns. A Mathematical approach is essential for any progress. Any approach devoid of Mathematical considerations to make a success of his life, he must have recourse to Mathematics Even the most ordinary citizen has got to calculate his wages and things form the bazaar. A person may be a mere housewife, farmer, laborer, shopkeeper, tailor, clerk, vendor, salesman, accountant, mason, drover, carpenter, or booking clerk, some knowledge of Mathematics is absolutely necessary for him. The entire atmosphere is surcharged with Mathematics. The prices rates, discounts, commissions, rebates, interests, taxes, shortages, production, distribution, etc., are the issues with which everybody is...
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