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Who Is Being Left Behind   Orvie Mizzell-Bullock

Who Is Being Left Behind

136 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Special Education within school systems is a challenge. This book guides states, districts, schools, and families on the correct way of systematic change- school inclusion. It works to improve student learning, parent collaboration, school improvement, and closes the achievement gap for students with disabilities. The book is about what is right for all students, education. All students can learn and so can adults once they open their minds and hearts to children. Educators do a wonderful job with students who believe that all students can learn. Collaboration with the school and family makes a dynamic duo especially with systematic change within each state, district, and school. "Our future are our children, so let them fly so they can take us to the moon". Dr. Mizzell-Bullock
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