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Transfigural Mathematics Fluid Logic Numbers and Transfigural Logic   Lere O. Shakunle

Transfigural Mathematics Fluid Logic Numbers and Transfigural Logic

440 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
There is no other entity of mathematics which had witnessed naming ceremony than the numbers. They have been called objects, classes, sets, and types, to name a few. What these names as numbers have in common is the exclusion of space from numbers. The result is the dichotomy of numbers and things. What this means in the end is the imposition of one on the other. This dichotomy fits in with the law of Excluded Middle which is central to the foundations of traditional mathematics and the sciences. Now what happens where Space is included in Number, not as an object, but as a Figure with the Identity that they share inbetween? What we got is a breathing, living world as a spacefigure. The fluid logic numbers of transfigural mathematics, are a flow of One in the Other of Nature and the World and these Other, as a flow in All. Every fluid logic number as a figure, covering human beings, trees, the seas, birds, the flora and fauna, and the universe, is included in Space - natural, social,...
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