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Student Satisfaction Checklist   Pooyan Yousefi Fard

Student Satisfaction Checklist

132 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In todays world there is a major turn in the way businesses are run and a lot of emphasis is put on the quality of service provided to the customers. Major companies Like General Electrics are using methods like six sigma to improve their quality. So far six sigma concept has not been utilized as much in education services. In this book different methods including six sigma have been used to boost the satisfaction of students who are basically the customers to the education providers. The demand for better service with higher quality has increased tremendously in education systems and this has translated in a great need for research in order to fine-tune the way education services are delivered. This book has thrived to dig deeper to grasp an understanding of what brings about student satisfaction. Thus this book invites all the practitioners to use the best practices suggested in the book as the first step to create a better education system.
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