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Pastoralisim /Nomadism/ and Education in Ethiopia: The case of Surma   Petros Woldegiorgis Woldesenbet

Pastoralisim /Nomadism/ and Education in Ethiopia: The case of Surma

100 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In 1990, at the world conference of Education For all, a declaration was adopted to reaffirm the international communities commitment to ensuring the right of education for all people. It was stated Every person, child, youth and adults shall be able to benefit from educational opportunities designed to meet their basic learning needs, since access to primary education is the fundamental human right.The book is about how to make education accessible for marginalized and neglected nomads. It has clearly indicated the hindering factors like socio-economic-constraints, socio-cultural constraints and school related constraints. It shows also the way out for planners and decision makers.
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