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Vocational Education and Training in Hospitality and Catering   Shyam Patiar

Vocational Education and Training in Hospitality and Catering

536 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The hospitality and catering industry suffers from a decreasing workforce, not sufficiently well qualified to meet the needs of a growing industry which already contributes significantly to the economic wealth of nations. The study arises out of the above need and ultimately seeks to address the complex question of how the hospitality and catering industry came to be in the position it is in and further, how we might move to a better future. This research study is mainly focussing on five themes. Firstly, identify the trends in relation to the number of qualified students entering the hospitality industry. Secondly, study of the perception and image of the hospitality industry amongst young people, parents and career advisers. Thirdly, examine the perception of the industry's role in the delivery of Vocational Education and Training in the hospitality and catering industry. Fourthly, compare the standard of Vocational Education and Training system with six similar European and...
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