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Measuring The Quality Of Handwriting Improvement In English   Korla Subhashini and Mal Reddy Mohan Reddy

Measuring The Quality Of Handwriting Improvement In English

116 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The knowledge of English has become essential today for establishing, intellectual, cultural, economical and political relations with the world. Such a great English languages was brought to India in 1854. From than onwards this foreign language, English almost became a living language of the Indian society. Let us not forget that we are to teach 'Hand writing" to school pupils, whose most urgent need is that they are master in their mother tongue, therefore they must as often as possible concrete on the meaning that has to be understood and the meaning that has to be expressed. So we to try for develop good hand writing skills of pupils. The general aim of teaching and learning in schools is to enhance academic efficiency among pupils. There are in fact many aspects requiring a large measure of attention on the par of teachers to promote academic proficiency. A part from promoting mental discipline and mental skills, a variety of physically skills have to be developed in pupils to...
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