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Mainstreaming Vocabulary in Language Learning   Kamala Devi K. and Subbiah S.

Mainstreaming Vocabulary in Language Learning

112 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Learning of vocabulary plays a vital role in learning a language as the words are the building blocks of language. The way, the words are learnt determines the fluency. Words learnt in real life situation or in natural ways can be retrieved easily while speaking. This ensures the fluency of talk. Hence, vocabulary of foreign language should be taught without the interference of the mother tongue to the maximum possibility. This book reports the research study on teaching the vocabulary of English language aided with technology. With the help of animation and PowerPoint presentation, the new words were introduced along with the context. This enabled the learners to learn the new words as they had learnt in their mother tongue. This book will appeal to the teachers of foreign languages especially English and the trainees of teacher education, assisting them with a firm understanding of teaching techniques of foreign words and the learning style of young learners.
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