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Teachers Perceptions Towards Implimentation of Basic Adult Education   Tundo Knight and Achoka Judith

Teachers Perceptions Towards Implimentation of Basic Adult Education

92 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book contains a detailed research on implementation of basic adult eduction in Mumias district of Western province Kenya.The information was gathered by the author with the support of adult learners and adult education officers.It is evidenced through this research that adult education is faced by many challenges in the district. Learners lack learning resources as well as teaching personnel.Teachers on the other hand are lowly paid, they work under unfavorable conditions,some work as volunteers and are not assured of permanent employment in future.Learners and teachers are generally demotivated and this is evidenced in poor daily by the learners and high drop out rates.To improve the standards of education in adult centers it is imperative for the government to address the challenges facing basic adult eduction
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