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Shedding Light   Tamika Benjamin

Shedding Light

396 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Poor performance in mathematics continues to be a challenge plaguing the Jamaican education system. It is therefore not surprising that the focus of government interventions has been on improving the mathematics teacher and teaching quality since teacher quality has been identified as one of the most significant factors impacting student performance. This publication reports the findings of an illuminative evaluation of the mathematics component of an initial primary teacher training programme in Jamaica. In addition to examining the content and construct of the programme, the mathematical knowledge for teaching of the trainees who were participants was evaluated through interviews,questionnaires and observetaion. The rigorous discussion of relevant literature and the findings and recommendations outlined in the final discussion, provide insight into practical steps which can be taken to improve the quality of teacher training programmes so that they are able to support...
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