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Creative Writing at the Middle School: A Process Writing Approach   Nidhi Seth

Creative Writing at the Middle School: A Process Writing Approach

2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Creative expression is a uniquely human trait that may seek performance based on visual, oral or written outputs. The written expression drawing on the real or the imagined experiences of the writer, filtered through his emotions and conveyed through imagery, narrative or drama is known as creative writing. While it is a means of self discovery, personal expression and a source of satisfaction for the writer himself, it also equips the writer with skills of introspection, analysis and organization, which are akin to life skills. Unfortunately, the belief held by the teachers and parents is that writers are born, not made. This belief has been assimilated by middle school learners and is to be held responsible for their poor performance on creative writing tasks. They seem to be writing for the teacher and not to express their own thoughts. This book argues that through the process writing approach, the skill of creative writing can be developed amongst students. It offers several...
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