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Determinants of Degree Choices by Students in Kenyan Universities   Joyce Lugulu

Determinants of Degree Choices by Students in Kenyan Universities

128 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
The decision of which University degree course to pursue confronts every Kenyan secondary school student. Often they look to their teachers, parents, other family members, peers, media and any other source of information of which career would be most suitable for them. This task is made more challenging because there is a dearth of readily available structured career guidance and counseling information. The available materials on career guidance and counseling seem to have been made on assumptions of what students may need to know to make informed course decisions. This book documents not only what students themselves said led them to take the course they did, but more importantly what students felt they lacked when they made the decision of which degree course to study at university. This book is an attempt to provide guidance on what students need to consider in the process of degree course decision making.
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