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Identification and Education of Gifted Children   Gabriela Kelemen

Identification and Education of Gifted Children

2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Gifted are exceptional children with special qualities and needs. So that, it is necessary to undertake educative actions their interest domain and their real level of develop. In order to help the gifted children on their unique way, our research aresuggesting a formative programmer called Personalized Programmer for Gifted Children's Education. The main components of this special programmer are: enrichment of the curriculum, differentiation of instruction and mentoring for gifted children. The activities proposed will be implemented as special academic programs in the regular classroom, or as a pull-out/out-of class programs. The list of the full curriculum units is based on selections from the domains of interest of the gifted children. Here they can find units on music, art, math, language, chemistry, physics, and many others. The students will be able to go up a couple of grades to find something appropriate for their level of knowledge.
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