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The Impact of Initiatives on Black Males   Anthony Hancock

The Impact of Initiatives on Black Males

204 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
There are many African-American male initiatives in colleges and universities across the Country. Google any one of them and you will find that Black males are being targeted by a whole host of college and universities Coordinators, Directors, Deans, faculty, and administrators. Some are successful, some are not. However, what is most striking is that these institutions understand that problems exist. They understand that the low graduation, persistence, and completion rates of Black males are not a Black problem, but a national problem. This Book examines the retention, completion, and engagement efforts at a Texas two-year historically urban Black Community College. This review of the research literature is a digest of relevant studies and monographs about African American male student success in an urban community college setting. Existing models and theories about student persistence and success at four-year institutions exist, but there are careful distinctions between...
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