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An investigation into the development of pre-service teachers   Jacob Lung

An investigation into the development of pre-service teachers

252 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This study investigates the development of pre-service teachers with reference to the core conditions of counselling in a guidance training programme, which is a part of a pre-service new B.Ed. module. Qualitative rather than quantitative research approach was used. The sample was a class of 37 pre-service teachers. Among them, 16 student teachers with some seemed to be very aware of, others largely ignorant about the guidance role of teacher were selected for in-depth interviews to chart their development. The results of the study show that student teachers had increased awareness and understanding of the guidance role of teachers during the training programme. They also developed their abilities in handling pupils’ problems in terms of attitude towards pupil, feeling for pupil and counselling strategies and skills. Nearly all of them had progress in each of these three areas in different contexts of pupils’ problems. The results of the present study have implications for policy...
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