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The Effect of Domestic Violence on Children's Education   Samuel Tilahun

The Effect of Domestic Violence on Children's Education

100 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The author strongly believes that the human aspect of education, particularly the readiness of students, the traits and challenges that they are confronted with hasn’t got substantial attention and concern. One among these challenges is Domestic Violence. The author has conducted a pure qualitative case study research upon seven students who are in one way or the other victims of domestic violence. How brutal, how unjust, how harsh can the world be to innocence? How far can we dreadfully mess up the future? If you have no idea, as you read the book be sure that you will have some inkling. If you already have a clue,you may wonder how far humanity can go deeper to the bottom of cruelty. A grade 7 boy, who daily washes a used stool container with his bare hand and who already is thinking about committing suicide; A child, whose father substituted his mother with their made servant , a ranking student who has committed suicide at the age of 13 and another child who is...
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