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Immigrant Education and A Typology of Adaptation   Hei-hang Hayes Tang

Immigrant Education and A Typology of Adaptation

136 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book tracks the wave of new immigrants from Mainland China to Hong Kong since late 1990s through the turn of the new century. Perceived as a social problem in Hong Kong, many of these ‘arrivals’ are school-age children who may have been brought up in a different culture and who come to Hong Kong for family reunion. This study sets out to explore the different adaptation pathways that the new arrival students have gone through, and to explain their academic success and failure. Using social capital and cultural capital as the key analytic concepts, the author argues that supportive networks with the institutional agents is necessary for the new arrival students to activate the capital they possess, and to accumulate further capital for assimilating or accommodating to the society and culture of Hong Kong. A typology of adaptation, namely “Transitional Adaptation”, “Instrumental Adaptation”, “Accommodative Adaptation”, “Bicultural Adaptation” and “Marginality” is constructed to...
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