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Career Aspirations And Job Satisfaction : Survey Of Ghanaian PYS   Mary-Joan Nsenkyire and Anna Hughton

Career Aspirations And Job Satisfaction : Survey Of Ghanaian PYS

100 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
As the population of Ghana continues to grow and ages, improving rehabilitation services of which physiotherapy is a key component will be one of the most important issues facing government in the coming decades. An adequate workforce will be essential in attaining that goal and ways will have to be found to retain rehabilitation professionals and encourage other young ones to opt for such careers. Many health professionals enter their various professions with a sense of mission, a desire to help people and even expectations of job accessibility, economic advantage and professional prestige. However they may not even have a full appreciation of the demands of their future role or an accurate perception of what work in that particular field entails. This present study therefore sought to determine the career aspirations, level of job satisfaction, factors influencing job satisfaction, the association between career aspirations and job satisfaction and factors for attrition from...
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