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Integrating HIV and AIDS Programme in the School Curriculum   Lucy Njagi and Gerald Kimani

Integrating HIV and AIDS Programme in the School Curriculum

116 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The ultimate aim of this study is to show the status of HIV and AIDS implementation in secondary schools. HIV and AIDS was declaired a national disaster and teachers were expected to infuse and integrate HIV and AIDS messages in their teaching subjects.It is important to present to the students a curricula that prepares them to the new realities that threaten their very existence. It is hoped that students will be in a position to make informed choices and decisions concerning their sexual lives; thereby scale down the spread of AIDS pandemic. The study shows that schools lack adequate learning-teaching materials on HIV and AIDS; and that teachers and students hold positive attitudes toward the teaching of HIV and AIDS.However, due to inadequate in-servicing on integration and infusion of HIV and AIDS,teachers were not using interactive teaching methods with their students. Teachers also expressed a desire that HIV and AIDS should be taught as a 'stand-alone' subject.
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