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Guidance Needs of Degree Students   Kudum Radhika and M. Malleswari

Guidance Needs of Degree Students

172 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The need of the guidance in today’s school and colleges has grown from a traditional life in educational opportunities for all. The drastic change in the modernized society will no doubt continue to make wide and unprecedented demands in the area of occupational educational community and family life. Mobility and specification are distinguishing characteristics of a constantly expanding population. The changes in these two characteristics comfort the individual with new developmental in the area of his intellectual social emotional moral; and physical development. Guidance is not a direction. It is not the imposition of one person's point of view upon another it is not making decisions for an individual which he should make for himself .it is not carrying the Burden of another's life. Rather guidance is assistance made available by competent counselors to an individual of any age to help him to direct his life, develop his own point of view make his own decisions and carry his own...
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