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A Report On Analysis And Treatment Of The Effluent Treatment Plant   Nikhil Patel

A Report On Analysis And Treatment Of The Effluent Treatment Plant

104 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
An effluent treatment facility in a production unit is just as important as the production itself. Healthier the effluent treatment facility better is the nature of production, and thus the product. Effluent Treatment Plant or E.T.P is one of the indispensable entities of any production process to stay environment-friendly and truly sustainable. The presented work is a documentation of important information and testing results, gathered by Nikhil Patel in the effluent treatment plant of Blossom Ind. Ltd., India as part of his 6-month internship. It discusses the levels of pH, Biological and Chemical Oxygen Demands, Acidity and Suspended Solids, and the methods employed using minimum laboratory equipment to test, regulate and improve the quality of the solid and liquid effluents at the end of the treatment cycle in the most descriptive way possible. This work can be used as a reference not only for educational purposes, but also by small, medium and large industries looking for...
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