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Guidance and Counselling in the Management of Secondary Schools-Kenya   John Ouru Nyaegah

Guidance and Counselling in the Management of Secondary Schools-Kenya

368 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Secondary Schools in Kenya have in the recent past been experiencing strikes and for a very long time now, there has never been a long-lasting solution to this problem.During second term of every year, several schools experience strikes caused by students which in some cases lead to deaths! In the past, teachers have been applying corporal punishment.The newly promulgated constitution of Kenya outlaws the use of the cane as a perfect way of instilling discipline among learners in schools. Scholars in Education argue that provision of Guidance and Counseling Services can help in reducing indiscipline cases experienced in School.The author therefore,being an educationist, believes that the situation can perfectly be contained if all principals of Secondary Schools developed positive attitudes towards provision of this essential Service to all students in their schools. The book has given various ways through which principals can use Guidance and Counseling programme...
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