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Comparative Study of Maturity Students At Higher Secondary Level   Ranjana Pal Singh,Shubhra Shukla and Ankur Shukla

Comparative Study of Maturity Students At Higher Secondary Level

52 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The need and importance of choosing vocational attitude maturity in the present study, because it is beneficial for the ultimate goal is considered to be useful for intermediate students universally. Any rational decision taken by a student towards the selection of his/her career is generally fruitful in his/her life and indecision lead to wrong choice of vocational which is harmful to the self and of course to society Vocational Education in the school education system has not been a popular research topic due to various reasons which include lack of awareness about vocational education. Therefore, there are very few agencies and institution which are involved in sponsoring or conducting research in vocational education. Vocational attitude Maturity is one of the primary construct of vocational psychology, which allows assessing both rate and level of an individual’s development with respect to vocational choice. The problem of facilitation of Vocational attitude maturity can be...
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