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How To Implement a Task-Based Approach in Reading   Yu Zhang

How To Implement a Task-Based Approach in Reading

84 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The purpose of the dissertation is to analyze the methodology which is employed in a reading class within a Chinese college’s English context. Consequently, I will suggest solutions to the problems.The PPP approach is used in the previously used lesson plans, form and accuracy are the focus and classroom management is easily achieved. However, free communication and the use of reading skills and strategies are not encouraged. Therefore, I will explore ways to implement a task-based approach in reading to make reading more communicative.The dissertation starts with a description of my context and outline of my research. This is followed by a literature review about the PPP approach, the task-based approach and reading, then previously used lesson plans are analyzed as my data. A checklist which integrates the task-based approach and reading skills and strategies is designed. Based on the evaluation of previously used lesson plans, new ones are designed to implement the task-based...
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