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Working Wounded : Advice that Adds Insight to Injury   Bob Rosner, Bob Roser

Working Wounded : Advice that Adds Insight to Injury

From the acclaimed newspaper columnist who has entertained and inspired countless readers comes the on-the-job guide that doesn't promote reengineering, TQM, or anything with ""one minute"" in the title, but believes that solutions to workplace problems come from the person with the best qualifications: you. *Burdened by co-workers? WORKING WOUNDED shows you how to keep other people's baggage off your toes. *Cursed with a bad boss? WORKING WOUNDED teaches you how to put him or her under your spell. *Feeling the entrepreneurial itch? WORKING WOUNDED gives you the keys to setting up shop. *Stressed out? WORKING WOUNDED reveals how to punch back when the clock punches you. *Stuck in the Web? WORKING WOUNDED offers tips on how to make technology your partner. *About to be let go? WORKING WOUNDED teaches you how to toughen your exit and soften your landing. Fortified with polls, quizzes, and e-mail from fans that will make you chuckle and cry at the same time, WORKING WOUNDED is your suit...
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