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Quality Information of the Software Development Process   Diana Carolina Ahogado Alvarez

Quality Information of the Software Development Process

2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Thorough the execution of a software development process, several databases are used, where data related to every activity is stored. As the data could lack the appropriate quality, the information products retrieved from them could also not be as useful as it is necessary. Such products are essential to make estimations for the involved project, or detect errors that can be corrected in order to improve what is wrong with the development process performance. The method proposed in this book can be used to carry out a quality enhancement of data related to the software process. It is based on a research made on existent literature about quality management of information in data bases, and it relies on the concept of quality dimensions. The method is helpful for teams as well as for companies dedicated to software development, which can apply it to improve the quality of the information related to their software process, and consequently increase its efficiency. It is appropriate for...
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