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Managing Copy-and-Paste Programming   Patricia Deshane

Managing Copy-and-Paste Programming

120 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Programmers often copy and paste source code in order to reuse an existing solution in the completion of a current task. Copying and pasting results in code clones (similar code fragments) throughout a code base, which need to be properly maintained over time. Forgetting the cloning information and correspondence relationships within a piece of code can be problematic for the software maintainer. Furthermore, inconsistent editing to clones can introduce undetected bugs, decreasing the quality of the software. This dissertation presents a suite of software tools, Eclipse plug-ins named CnP, that aid the programmer during copy, paste, and modify programming. The purpose is to provide tool support throughout a clone''s entire lifecycle, from its creation to its removal from the system. More than just traditional clone detection and removal, these clone tracking tools have a particular focus on clone editing. CReN and LexId help with consistent identifier and substring renaming within...
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