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Delegation PowerPoint Content   Andrew E. Schwartz

Delegation PowerPoint Content

Ready, Set, Present (PowerPoint Content): Delegation: Effective delegation increases efficiency and also empowers and inspires employees. Learn how to delegate easily and strategically. Slides include topics such as: Barriers to delegating, top 5 reasonsto delegate, tasks appropriate for delegation, 5 types of questions to ask before delegating, an effective delegation checklist, crisis delegation, delegating to experts, bosses, and associates, 6 steps of delegation, 5 ingredients of communicating successfully, how to's and more. Slides can easily be tailored to your specific needs (make handouts, create overheads and use them with an LCD projector) and are available for license. 100+ PowerPoint slides prepackaged on a PC compatible CD Rom. Each slide includes slide transitions, clipart and animation. Software Requirements: Windows 95 and PowerPoint 97 or higher. You may use this product over and over again.
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