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Skills for Business English: Student's Book: Level 3   Anne Dwyer

Skills for Business English: Student's Book: Level 3

210x295 96 страниц. 2001 год.
Дельта Паблишинг
Skills for Business English is a new series designed to practise the essential language skills needed for general proficiency in Business English. Skills for Business English is most suitable for students who are either preparing to take the Cambridge Business English Certificate exams or who want to improve their communication skills in realistic business situations. The books are planned for maximum flexibility, given the wide variety of needs in Business English teaching. Short, self-contained units are organised around the most common business functions such as greeting and entertaining visitors, describing company products and taking part in meetings. All four language skills are practised in every unit, in clearly labelled sections. If students wish to concentrate on particular language skills, a fast route through the material can quickly be planned to meet their needs. At each level of the series there is a Student Book, Cassettes and Teacher's Guide. Level 3 is...
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