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The Murder At the Vicarage   Agatha Christie

The Murder At the Vicarage

125x190 256 страниц. 2005 год.
The Crime Club has been formed so that all interested in Detective Fiction may, at no cost to themselves, be kept advised of the best new Detective Novels before they are published. It costs you nothing to join the crime club. Detective Novels are read by Cabinet Ministers, Business Magnates, Harley Street Specialists, Famous Judges, Bishops and Leaders of Religion, Teachers, and men and women in every sphere of life, because there is nothing so fascinating as a baffling crime problem, nothing so exhilarating, so entertaining, so thrilling. Nothing so lifts a man or woman from the cares and worries of present-day life. The Crime Club Jury consisting of well known connoisseurs of Detective Fiction will choose at regular intervals, the "Selected Books" from The Crime Club List, which can be obtained from your usual bookseller or from your Circulating Library. At no time will the crime club Endeavour to sell books themselves. The sole and only object of the crime club is to...
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