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A Caribbean Mystery   Agatha Christie

A Caribbean Mystery

Marple Facsimile Edition
125x190 256 страниц. 2006 год.
HarperCollins Publishers
Miss Marple is on holiday at the Golden Palm Hotel in the island of St. Honore. She is enjoying herself, yet there is something lacking. At home in St. Mary Mead there was always something going on, something one could get one's teeth into. Miss Marple listens politely to Major Palgrave's boring stories of his early life in Kenya - or at any rate pretends to listen. She is not paying all that much attention when he starts telling her about a murderer he has known; and when he reaches in his wallet to show Miss Marple a snapshot of that murderer, he is suddenly interrupted. Murder follows. In this new full length novel the clues and keys to the murderer's identity are fairly - one might even say ostentatiously - paraded in front of the reader. Yet we believe it will be a very perceptive reader who observes and interprets them correctly. Most of the large number of readers of "A Caribbean Mystery" will in the end ask themselves how they could have been so stupid - or how ...
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