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Management Information Systems w/E-Tutor and PowerWeb   James A. O'Brien

Management Information Systems w/E-Tutor and PowerWeb

Management Information Systems: Managing IT in the E-Business Enterprise is a comprehensive, “E-Engineered” revision that integrates E-Business and E-Commerce into every chapter and every case making it the most current and up-to-date MIS text in the market. Managing IT in the E-Business Enterprise, 5E contains 14 chapters (down from 15 chapters and 2 appendixes in 4E) with more case studies and theory throughout, making it most appropriate for upper-level (junior/senior or graduate) business students who are or will become managers, entrepreneurs and business professionals in E-Business enterprises. By including a multitude of real world cases, in-text examples and exercises, organizing chapters into a simple five-area framework, and integrating E-Business concepts into all chapters, the text will help business students learn how to use and manage IT to conduct E-Commerce, improve decision making, and gain competitive advantage in the fast-changing real world of global...
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