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The use of Website as a Tool of E-Learning in Education   Hessa Alkhanbashi

The use of Website as a Tool of E-Learning in Education

164 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Technology has penetrated various fields, attempting to be sufficiently flexible in different subjects. Education is one field that benefits from the technological advancements. Thus, the introduction of new technology in the educational field brings new tools to help promote the teaching and learning process, either in distance-learning or in the classroom. The major focus underlying this research is introducing a website as an e-learning tool that is based on the concept of “web-based learning”. This research outlines the importance of introducing e-learning in the developing countries, and attempting to achieve the online learning community, and enabling students to manage their learning online. In addition, the research may bring attention to the online group work via an online discussion forum, and assessing them via online quizzes, and providing immediate feedback. The study focused on the good design of the website.
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