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Video Content-Based Retrieval   Moustafa A. Daloull

Video Content-Based Retrieval

72 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Video contains various types of data that can be extracted using various techniques and tools. The extracted data can be used in developing video retrieving and indexing systems. Video’s speech is rich with information and can be used by students as a supporting tool in learning process. Searching for the part of interest may require manual searching through the entire video which may be time consuming. This book which is based on a researchstudy focuses on investigating the existingapproaches of searching and retrieving videos, anddevelops a method to make video content more easilysearchable. A web-application prototype was developedusing Java and JSP for searching the video speechusing keywords. This book will be especially usefulto video retrieval and e-learning systems developers,researchers, Computer Science lecturers, and students.
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