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Open Digital Signal Processing Platform Abstraction Layer   Alejandra Medina

Open Digital Signal Processing Platform Abstraction Layer

80 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Are you a student or an embedded developer exhausted of implementing all kinds of algorithms in Matlab without a chance to see if it really worked in real life? This is a common problem among students and developers where a lot of work and time has to be invested to complete the task of translating Matlab code into C code before it can be handed off for implementation onto a real-time platform. In this writing, the reader will find a way of programming the DSP algorithms to a higher level software (PAL: Platform Abstraction Layer) layer rather than directly to the hardware/platform; by doing this, the amount of effort porting them to a new chip or operating system would simply involve the development of some parts of the PAL itself. Take a look, and see how modular programming can work better for you and can shorten your development time! Enjoy!
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