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Semantics of natural language descriptions of continuous quantities   Shenghui Wang

Semantics of natural language descriptions of continuous quantities

204 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Continuous quantities abound in the physical world. Properties in our environment, such as colour, shape, sound, texture, amongst many others, are routinely discussed. Yet natural languages are not adept at describing these continuous quantities precisely, nor are they easily incorporated into ontologies in the form of discrete terms. This book analyses the way that natural languages describe continuous quantities, proposes a general semantics based on metric spaces, and describes how to treat semantic values computationally, so that we may automate the processing of texts which describe continuous quantities. We investigate and show the validity of this approach by applying it to two different quantities: flower colour and leaf shape. We demonstrate how this facilitates the integration of multiple texts on the same topic. We provide a basis for incorporating these quantities into ontologies and applying automated reasoning to their semantics, thus permitting better recovery and...
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