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Text-Based Information Retrieval System using Fuzzy Logic   Ibrahem Amer and Loay Edward

Text-Based Information Retrieval System using Fuzzy Logic

112 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Since Web is a rich source of information, it becomes necessary to invent assistance systems to efficiently and automatically search, and nominate for more suitable and convenient Web page documents. This kind of tools will help the user to reach its needs on the Web media without wasting time and effort. The purpose of this study is to construct an automated information retrieval system that helps to retrieve the HTML documents that have a textual content similar to any document chosen by a user. The textual content in every electronic repository (including the Web) is statistically variable and has complex behavior. It is noticed that the classical criteria for similarity don’t give an encouraging results in terms of accuracy and rationality metrics. So, in the proposed system a logical paradigm is developed which fundamentally depends on the fuzzy logic criteria to soften the decisions of the matching between the textual contents and makes the results more rational and...
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