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A Framework For Context Aware Adaptable Software Services   Paolo Di Benedetto

A Framework For Context Aware Adaptable Software Services

180 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The near future envisions a pervasive heterogeneous computing infrastructure that makes it possible for mobile users to run software services on a variety of (resource-constrained) devices. To ensure that users meet their non-functional requirements by experiencing the best quality of service according to their needs and the resource characteristics of the specific contexts of use, services need to be context-aware and adaptable. This book presents an approach to context-aware adaptable services based on a modified service oriented interaction pattern to discover and access adaptable services and on a service level specification model to take care of the non functional dimensions. Services are implemented as adaptable components and are deployed on heterogeneous resource constrained mobile devices using an integrated framework that supplies a complete support for developing, reasoning and adapting Java programs with respect to heterogeneous execution environments. This book proposes...
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