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Issues and Challenges of Requirement Elicitation in Large Web Projects   Muhammad Qaisar Hanif and Umar Sajjad Rizvi

Issues and Challenges of Requirement Elicitation in Large Web Projects

68 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Requirement elicitation is a critical activity in the requirement development process and it explores the requirements of stakeholders. Mostly errors in the systems are due to poor communication between user and analyst, and these errors require more resources to correct them. The understandability problems during elicitation process of large web projects can lead to requirements ambiguous, inconsistent and incorrect. Different methods are available to deal with the problems during requirement elicitation process. The challenge for analysts is to select an appropriate method or set of methods and apply them for the clear, consistent and correct requirement gathering. This study based on the results of interviews conducted to the professionals, who have industrial experience in development of web systems. The elicitation problems that are identified in literature and interview along with applicability of elicitation methods for requirement gathering in large web...
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