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Multicriteria Decision-Making   Альберт Воронин

Multicriteria Decision-Making

148 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Modern society places high and often conflicting demands on the quality of decisions in various subject areas. Dramatically increases the cost of failure in solutions. Therefore over the last few years fading are intuitive methods of decision-making and management. For this purpose science-based theoretical and practical models and methods are developed. The concept is proposed and apparatus of nonlinear compromise scheme is developed allowing formally obtain Pareto-optimal solutions, adequate to the appropriate situations. The principle of rational organization and a non-local approach to solving optimization problems is described. Several applications are presented that help the reader digest some of the intricacies in the methodology. The book should be especially useful to scientists and professionals involved in the multicriteria decision-making, as well as to students in related disciplines or anyone else who may be considering the multicriteria decision-making problems.
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