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R&D Output on Spices Amongst the Asian Countries   Senthilkumaran Periyasamy

R&D Output on Spices Amongst the Asian Countries

236 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book is defining the Spices, Spices history and attempt to identify the high and low activity areas of Spices Research amongst the 36 Asian countries. This analysis is spread over a period of three decades 1968-2002 using HORT- CD (Horticultural Science Database). The major focus of this book is to priorities the research interests, subject trends, gaps and similarity of research efforts amongst the Asian scholars working in this field. Using Correspondence Analysis, the relationship between countries versus Spices Research and the dynamics of changes in research priorities, if any, during the study period are being highlighted. The Result and implications of this analysis are presented and discussed directing towards the benefit of the Spices Board authorities, Research Institutes and Industries to redefine their research policies, programmes and priorities.
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