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Make Up  

Make Up

180x220 256 страниц. 2009 год.
A & C Black Publishers Ltd
Make-up is your complete guide to the skills, beauty secrets and tricks that are essential in creating flawless, flattering make-up. Discover the trade secrets of the professionals with large, photographic step-by-step instructions for all timeless techniques. Filled with professional tips and advice for all aspects of make-up application, this is the only make-up book you'll need at your dressing table. From day-to-day wear to special event make-up, and even make-up for fancy dress parties, you'll need these handy tips and styles to make your look complete. For each technique, options for different skin tones, types and ages are also included - accompanied by beautiful and inspiring photographs throughout. You will be guided through the essential tools of the trade and be shown the secret techniques of those in the know. Learn how to accentuate the best feature in any face, apply make-up to others, minimise blemishes or imperfections, or just get some ideas on updating...
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