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Information needs and Seeking Behavior among health professionals   Mulusew Andualem and Abera Kumie

Information needs and Seeking Behavior among health professionals

100 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book is very essential for health workers and researchers to know and assess how health workers need health information and tried to access or search it for answering their questions. it also showed factors affecting the searching process. It is vital especially for developing countries to know the status of ICT usage in health care delivery.the findings of this paper are also serves as a base for coming researchers and other stake holders for doing another work and taking actions to improve the information access for health workers working at health care service providing activities in order to get quality health care services to the community. Based on findings, health workers in developing countries are starved for health care information to update themselves and to use new technologies on health. The situation has poor attention from health workers and administrators. The book has about five chapters and includes questionnaire and other related materials in its annex part.
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