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Challenges of ICT Accessibility   Yimer Gumata and Alok Tiwari

Challenges of ICT Accessibility

92 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The world is in a century when new economic revolution has been taken place that many called “the Knowledge Economy”. This could be translated to the rapid evolution of ICTs which is the life tool to the emerging information society. ICT particularly internet affects the style how people across the globe live, work, communicates and even spends their leisure time. However, ICT has not reached every sphere of our planet evenly and a larger portion of urban population in developing world is living with Digital Divide; the study therefore assess the accessibility of ICT infrastructure particularly internet in Woldia Town Administration, Amhara Regional state of Ethiopia. Study recommended that town administration should work in coordination with all private and NGO stakeholders as well as the regional and the national government to apply innovative, integrated and sustainable strategies which are realistic and applicable by using available human and financial resources to make internet...
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