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Public Health Tools to Control Diabetes Care: Advanced Data Analysis   Simion Pruna

Public Health Tools to Control Diabetes Care: Advanced Data Analysis

368 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Electronically collected medical data at point of care in daily management of diabetic patients, access to datasets and advanced data analysis can identify patients with diabetes at high risk for chronic complications. They offer a guide for appropriate evidence based health care practice. The observational studies presented here offer health information on clinical and laboratory parameters related to diabetic patients. Patients can make their disease life much easier by getting to know specialist vocabulary presented in a brief introduction about ‘data understanding’ of each health parameter analysed. Therefore, the findings of data analysis will guide the patients to achieve immediate impact on disease control. Medical professionals, health services managers and health policy-makers can benefit from the technology presented here (advanced data analysis and electronic registries) to derive actionable information triggering health care interventions to enhance quality in health care....
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